Tuesday, September 21

Mike Portnoy has been nothing but a huge influence on my life.

Portnoy with his son, Max. Playing along to A7x's nightmare.

Mike Portnoy, best known as drummer for Dream Theater ( now currently touring with A7X) is a major influence in my drumming career. Early on in my Rock Band days with the plastic drumset, I always felt most songs, tier 1 - 8 has extremely boring drum parts. Till I came to unlock the tier 9 songs that is. It is also how I discovered Dream Theater and Portnoy's epic drumming. Immediately upon hearing the song Panic Attack! from DT, I was hooked. Instantly. Odd time signatures, awesome bass intro, intricated and  technical guitar solo and of course, Portnoy's epic drum parts. That was just the beginning of my descent into prog music. To be continued.. comment and follow if you want to hear the establishment of my musical drumming career.


doingitwrong said...

my brother listens to dream theater i haven't got a chance to check em' out... i'll youtube a few songs..

razortek said...

mike :(

do what u want couse a pirate is free!You're a Pirate!!
cool!suppin bro :)
check both my blogs are interesting! ;)

The State of Human Intelligence said...

great post, bro!

deviants0ul said...

:D Thanks! Look forward to more.