Monday, July 21

Day One

Why did i even feel the urge to start writing a diary all of a sudden? Maybe it's because I felt i needed to keep a record of my life? I have no idea. There I go, i have no idea! lol

Naturally at my age, friends and contacts of my father would ask me what I want to be I just can't conform to the oh-so-decided jobs like other kids. I feel the need to be more organized and have a better understanding of the future, my future. I knew this morning I needed to tell myself I want to be a lot of things when I grow up. An NBA star, a talented voice actor, a computer techie, a famous Hollywood director and lots of random occupations that I can't seem to make my mind up on.

The long and enduring third week of the summer school is as fucked up as usual. Pandolfino claimed my paper on Wars of the 19th century was copied from somewhere... and he was right, most of the words were from the one and only Wikipedia. Living environment class was taken over by the pony tail hair guy sitting in the back for the last 2 weeks. Mr. Eisen wasn't too bad, he definitely knew what he was talking about but as a n00b teacher, he lacked some methods and techniques Mr. Bailey the 13 yr old veteran chemistry teacher possessed. Note to myself that the really quiet Spanish girl who was in my group had a weird sort of accent and that's probably the reason why she dare not speaking out loud in class.
songNow we come to the interesting part of today's story. Coming back from school around 1 in the afternoon having ate lunch, I decided to rock out a bit on Rock Band before doing my paper that's due tomorrow. So basically, what happened was I got the the ranked score duel mode or whatever it's called and it's where you would be paired up with an anonymous gamer and then a random song would be chosen to play. I had two of the songs guessed correctly. The first one was Say It Ain't So. I started singing out the song aloud in the loading screen and amazingly turned out to be that song. Same thing for the second song, Dani California. My only proof is the idiot I have for a brother who I told him straight away when that happened. Why does these things happen to me sometimes? Déjà vu? Probably. I guess I'll never know and I probably don't want to if the truth is too shocking for me to handle.

deeper personal thoughts~
i wonder when newtopic92 a.k.a blairee would start posting new vids again because i like her and she's pretty. should i really return my rockband drum set because rumors are definitely there that rb2's coming out in oct but then it's 3 more friggin months and i seriously cannot wait that long. i like rb1. its good. i haven't even finished all the songs yet. the 2012 dec thing is definitely still on my mind. what if it really happens? ill just fuckin laugh about it 5 more years when im reading this i guess. i'll see xD

edit: just finished an excellent essay on belief systems: christianity and buddhism. turns out all the 2 researches i spent 45 mins on were mostly useless as the paper says it's limited to one monotheistic religion. oh well, it turned out to be really good anyways.

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